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How Epoxy Coatings Protect Your Garage Floor

Anyone who owns a home in Toronto knows that our concrete takes a beating. From wild weather, corrosive anti-icing agents, and leaking motor chemicals, it’s a wonder that our concrete survives each season. So what’s the secret to keeping your garage and your concrete looking great for years to come? Epoxy coatings from Garage Beyond! Concrete floors that have been treated with a seamless epoxy coating are protected from most of the damaging elements that otherwise cause serious damage over time. But how does epoxy coating work this magic? Find out from the friendly professionals at Garage Beyond.

Epoxy Seals and Protects Concrete

There’s simply no escaping winter weather in Toronto. From October to May, you can pretty much bank on experiencing winter weather to some degree. All of that winter precipitation sticks to your vehicle and eventually makes its way into your garage, leaving your concrete vulnerable. Melting snow and road salt can corrode your concrete, eventually causing widespread pitting and cracking. On top of that, motor oil, gasoline, and brake fluid can leak and create unsightly stains on your garage floor. With a high-quality, professionally installed epoxy coating, however, your concrete doesn’t have to take the full force of what nature and your vehicle throw at it season after season.

Take Advantage of Better Health and Safety

Unsealed concrete, although it may look smooth, is actually a porous material that can absorb moisture. This makes unsealed concrete a perfect environment for the development and growth of all sorts of strains of mold, mildew, and bacteria. Without an epoxy coating, concrete is essentially a big, hard sponge that holds moisture and feeds these harmful irritants. With the application of an epoxy coating, your concrete can repel the moisture that harbors these potentially dangerous organic growths. Your concrete can become impervious to moisture, providing no foothold for mold, mildew, and bacteria to grow. This is especially important for homes of individuals with chronic respiratory issues, especially asthma.

Epoxy Makes Cleaning and Maintenance Easy

The epoxy that is used on concrete floors was specifically designed to provide years of performance and easy maintenance. In fact, all that is generally needed to effectively clean an epoxy-treated concrete floor is an occasional mopping with clean water. Since epoxy creates a repelling barrier for moisture and chemical leaks, mopping can quite easily clear away all dirt, dust, grime, and stains. On the occasion that an epoxy floor needs a more thorough cleaning, there are several safe and effective detergents that can make quick work of cleaning and maintenance.

Keep Your Home Clean With Epoxy

Have you ever noticed that untreated concrete, even after sweeping and mopping, still manages to somehow feel dirty? That’s not your imagination. The surface of concrete flooring is highly susceptible to gradual deterioration that takes the form of powdery chalk. The very act of sweeping can actually slowly wear down your concrete, creating a never-ending cycle of dust. If sweeping can do that, imagine what vehicles and constant foot traffic can do. Most people actually don’t need to imagine what happens — they see it in a fine layer of dust that coats everything in the garage, sticking to your shoes as it is tracked into the house. Epoxy coatings practically eliminate this problem, creating a barrier between the vulnerable concrete and the traffic that goes on from day to day.

Get Epoxy Coating in Toronto Today

Garage Beyond professionally installs epoxy flooring for your residential garage in Toronto, Burlington, and the surrounding areas. We only use professional-grade epoxy and polyaspartic products that are eco-friendly, 100% solids, and that have zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs.) Get your quote today and experience the difference that epoxy coatings can make! Our team is ready to answer any questions you may have. Let us help you keep your garage floor looking fantastic for years to come!