Resinous Floors Done Right — Garage Beyond

Resinous Floors Done Right — Garage Beyond

Resinous floors are an ideal addition to any garage because they’re highly durable, long-lasting, and resistant to wear and tear. If you’re looking for the best resinous flooring in Toronto, look no further than Garage Beyond. Using professional-grade epoxy and polyaspartic products, we can complete your garage flooring project to your exact specifications and liking. Learn more about what we have to offer, then request a quote today.

a person spreading epoxy on a floor

Epoxy Floors

Epoxy floors are affordable, durable, and completely customizable. At Garage Beyond, we offer epoxy coatings to protect garage floors and maintain their resilience. From chemicals to oil spills, epoxy works well to protect your floors from nearly everything. Plus, it creates a non-slip surface for a safer garage environment.

a speckled epoxy floor

Polyaspartic Floors

Polyaspartic floors are similar to epoxy in that they’re durable and versatile. They also boast a quick drying time, UV and chip resistance, and a better bond to concrete. While polyaspartic coatings aren’t resistant to battery acid, they can withstand oil and gas spills.

a Polyaspartic Floor in a garage

Residential Garages

At Garage Beyond, we’re proud to offer our resinous floor coatings to homeowners in Toronto. By installing these types of coatings on residential garage floors, we can help homeowners protect their garage floors and increase their safety. Not to mention, epoxy and polyaspartic floors add an aesthetic appeal that boosts home value.

a epoxy floor in an industrial garage

Commercial Garages

In addition to residential garages, Garage Beyond is also proud to install resinous floor coatings in commercial garages. Whether you want to enhance the look of your business’s floors or you need to protect the high-traffic areas of your professional garage, our epoxy and polyaspartic products are here to help.

When you want resinous floors done right, turn to Garage Beyond. We offer our epoxy and polyaspartic flooring solutions to residential and commercial properties throughout Toronto, so contact us today to schedule service.

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