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Garage Floors

Garage Beyond has two main services we offer: epoxy and polyaspartic flooring installations. We provide homeowners in Toronto with durable solutions to prevent wear, damage, and slips. Our products are eco-friendly and have zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). We are insured and covered by WSIB, and we work to your schedule instead of the other way around.

Our commitment is to your satisfaction. If you’re not 100% thrilled with your new garage floor, we work tirelessly until it’s to your standards. At Garage Beyond, we always treat your home with the utmost care.

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Epoxy Floors

Epoxy is a resin polymer that protects concrete garage flooring from scratches, abrasions, corrosion, and more. Epoxy works best indoors; this chemical-resistant and slip-free surface is perfect for the garage environment where spills and puddles can create a challenge.

Polyaspartic Floors

Polyaspartic is a hybrid material that resembles polyurethane to give any surface a glossy smooth finish. It was first developed as a coating for steel in bridges and used for its corrosion-resistant properties. This alternative to epoxy also gives the appearance of wet concrete and trustworthy in a variety of work environments.

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Learn more about the difference between epoxy and polyaspartic floors here. Contact us with any questions or call us to schedule your consultation! We look forward to working with you!

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