Epoxy Patios

As a homeowner, you’re likely interested in making sure that your home looks great and is protected from wear and tear both inside and out. If you have a patio that you often use, or that is an integral space for entertaining, playtime for your kiddos, or a space for your pets to relax in, then an epoxy covering for your patio concrete can be a great addition to your space! Epoxy concrete coatings are designed to withstand wear and tear, provide protection for your concrete underneath, and elevate your space with style and easy-to-maintain elegance.


Is Epoxy Good For Outdoor Patios?

In short, the answer is yes! Epoxy floor coatings are durable and long-lasting, meaning that you’ll have great looking protection from the elements, from wear and tear, and will have added style and color in your patio space for years to come. Because epoxy is waterproof and provides protection even from chemicals that may spill on your patio, you can rest assured that you’ll have an easy-to-clean surface in a space that is often used by pets, children, and guests when you’re entertaining.


How Much Does Epoxy Cost?

How much your epoxy coating will cost actually depends on a number of factors that go into installation. First and foremost, the size of your patio will affect your price, and the style and add-ins you choose to customize your epoxy coating will also affect your project’s final price. Because we want to be able to correctly provide you with the most accurate pricing for your project, our team offers free quotes for your project, so contact us today to learn more about pricing!

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How Long Does Epoxy Last On A Patio?

Epoxy is a long-lasting material that’s designed to withstand all kinds of wear and tear, which is why it’s a common choice for garage floor, warehouse, and commercial space coatings. With this in mind, your epoxy patio floor coating longevity will be affected by the factors that are unique to your home. These factors include how much weather or elements your patio is exposed to, how you use your patio space, and if your patio receives a lot of direct sunlight. Even in the harshest of elements, epoxy patio concrete coatings will last for years before you need to replace or resurface them.


Does Epoxy Last Longer Than Concrete

In short, the answer is yes! Because concrete is a porous but brittle material, it can absorb water, dry out, crack, and become stained very easily. We’ve all seen stained concrete that’s withstood oil spills, chemical spills, or cracking from settling or moisture issues. Instead of dealing with these issues from a plain concrete slab for your patio, coating the concrete with an epoxy covering is a great way to maximize the lifespan of your patio concrete and add customizable style to your outdoor space.

Epoxy patio coatings for your concrete patio spaces are a great way to elevate your patio space into a beautiful, functional, and long-lasting space you’ll be proud to show off. From making your patio more safe for pets and children to elevating your patio style for entertaining friends and family during warmer temperatures, Garage Beyond, Inc. offers high-quality services for homeowners like you!

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Epoxy Patios